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Chapter 2

April 17th, 2007 at 10:31 pm

Our young leads in this tale, having had enough of the attacks from Lord Temptation, have discussed the wise counsel of keeping their thoughts focused on the goal of debt freedom. While not easy, it has served to keep Lord Temptation at bay more oft than was his wont.

Happy with their budding success, they eagerly planned the building of a fortress wall to help repel the entire band of the Destroyers of LivingRight. As every peasant knows, a fortress wall starts with a foundation. Our lovers decided to start building their foundation with a knowledge of where their coins were coming from, how many coins they were receiving, and how much they could apply towards yon debts.

INCOME (estimated totals from the year of our Lord, 2007, June to December):
* Merry Maid's salary = $15,400
* Dashing Knight's salary = $15,400
* Rental Income from a paid-for keep = $1,440
* $3000 gross from the summer's harvest
* $1000 take home from a lance tournament
* $2200 in extra paychecks total this year after June
* $unknown amount from slaving overtime and saving per diems from a benevolent lord and master
* $2500 pre-tax in stipends mentoring a squire
* $7,000 (Alas, poor sister's husband is no longer an able knight. Dashing Knight slaved his labor for one year to fix up his sister's keep, readying it for a new lord and master. Once his sister completes her share of the repairs, the King will let it be known to all that her keep is available for the taking. Our Dashing Knight patiently awaits his reward money from the new lord and master for his faithful laboring.)

* $2,400 in monthly bills
* $2,000 to shopkeeper and 4-horse drawn carriage debt each month
* the rest of the coins to be given to the not so local, high-interest-bearing money lender for the laudable goals listed in the last chapter

1 Responses to “Chapter 2”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    can't wait for chapter three and at the end the happily ever after!

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