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Chapter 3

April 22nd, 2007 at 06:51 pm

While our lovers do not judge others who share a humble abode before marriage vows are partaken, Merry Maid and Dashing Knight cannot in good conscience themselves do so. However, separately working on a financial plan enabled Lord Tempation to disguise many wants as needs. So our lovers decided to share their coins either at the time of closing on Le Condo or the last week in May in the year of our Lord, 2007, whichever was fated to occur first. In this manner they have taken under their wing a knight of their own, to be henceforth known as Acountability.

Eager to resume building their fortress wall, they added to their knowledge a list of what their coins have purchased and a list of how many coins is owed to whom.
ASSETS = one tiny, paid-for keep worth $45,000 in gold coins, currently rented for more than the market is bearing

LIABILITIES (as of June 2007) =
* unknown future amount to the keep moneylender
* $61,300 in apprentice-ship loans,
* $4,000 in debt owed to shopkeepers, and
* $14,000 in 4-horse drawn carriage debt

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