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Chapter 7

May 6th, 2007 at 04:14 pm

As with all young lovers, disagreements happen from time to time. Our Dashing Knight loves his 4-horse drawn carriage, though the original cost (purchased new, egads!) equaled his yearly income at the time coins were exchanged 2 years ago.

Merry Maid has come to accept this outrageous expense as Dashing Knight is willing to go along with every other aspect of Merry Maid's plan to advance their pilgrimage to the Land of LivingRight, even giving up spending money from June to December. Merry Maid, having acquiesced to this one request, is learning to do so graciously. She sometimes falls off her horse, though, in this regard and humbly begs her mate's forgiveness.

3 Responses to “Chapter 7”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    It is nice you recognize that there will be spats and to let them roll by! That's the way to make the relationship work! Good luck slaying the horse-drawn carriage debt!!

  2. Merry Maid Says:

    Merci! It is tres difficult for me to go against the teachings of the Knight of Anti-Credit, who would belabor "sell the horse-drawn carriage!" But this would start a fued and it really isn't fair for me to get my own way all the time. What's truly important is that we complete our quest. I just have to keep repeating that! Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. fairy74 Says:

    As long as you win the major war (keeping on budget and curtailing excess spending) let the knight win a battle here and there. Very noble of you Smile

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